Back in 2001 we had the idea to start a naturally and ethically-sourced supplement business in Southern California. Since then, we’ve grown into the nation’s leader in velvet antler extract. While the attributes of this extract have been widely documented, we know from experience that not all products are created equally.

Recently there has been a trend for health-conscious customers to turn from supplements filled with harmful additives and preservatives towards natural therapies. The same is true for the pharmaceutical market, where patients are replacing costly, synthetic-based therapies with less expensive, natural alternatives that provide extraordinary results without the harsh side effects.

Velvet antler is one of the world’s most powerful raw materials, utilized for its ability to accelerate recovery, increase strength and enhance body composition. Velvet antler has also been used to augment conditions like hormonal imbalances in men and women, weakened immune systems, sleep disorders and age related conditions.


Humanely harvested from the antler of adult male deer or elk, this super food has been a mainstay in Eastern medicine for more than 2,000 years. This sustainable super food is nutrient rich in growth factors, including IGF-1, collagen and other protein based structures. In fact, the velvet antler is the only mammalian organ on the planet that completely regenerates every year, and at a rate of one inch or more per day, it has the fastest rate of growth in the animal kingdom. Pure Solution’s velvet antler extract harnesses this remarkable power of organ regeneration that has kept scientists intrigued for decades.


Pure Solution’s proprietary VC 43x extract of velvet antler combines Traditional Chinese Medicine with 21st century technology. This three-part extraction process combines the most widely used and effective measures for creating high potency velvet antler extract. The term VC 43x means that it takes on average 43 pounds of harvested antler to make 1 pound of our highly concentrated freeze-dried velvet antler extract. Our proprietary velvet antler extract is the most potent and concentrated on the market.